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We are an independent fencing contractor in New Haven CT, and we are committed to providing excellent products and services to our clients, both in residential and commercial properties. Every member of our team is skilled, experienced, and professional with their work. We are 100% dedicated to what we do, and we promise to provide quality fences across the New Haven.

Our company caters to any size of the fence project. We understand the importance of our work, and we make sure that every property can be protected with our fence products. Whether you need a new fence for your home, school, commercial building, or any other properties, we are the fencing company that will meet your needs at the highest quality.


As one of the most reputable and trustworthy fence companies in New Haven, we guarantee every client that we only provide top-most quality with our products and services. We are working professionally with everyone, and we deliver completed projects on time. Our company is an expert with what we do, and we continue to become better with our fence services.

We are not like the other fence companies in New Haven, CT. We don’t only promise to meet clients’ expectations, but we are working on going beyond it. With our high-grade products, experienced team, and cost-effective prices, we lead the fencing Newhaven industry.


Vinyl Fencing New Haven CT

Vinyl Fencing New Haven CT

Easy maintenance and longevity are two of the most common factors why this cheap fencing New Haven is preferred by various property owners. With a vinyl fence, any property can enjoy excellent security and stunning design with a discount fence New Haven. Many homeowners are choosing a vinyl fence because it can last longer compared to other fencing types, and it is known five times stronger when compared to wood. Aside from being a long-lasting fencing solution, a vinyl fence will never require you heavy maintenance as long as the fence installation, New Haven CT, was correctly done. Vinyl materials will never decompose, and they are rust-free.  More…

Black Aluminum Fencing New Haven CT

Black Aluminum Fencing New Haven CT

For being in the industry for years, we are very familiar with the most popular construction fence designs and styles in different residential and commercial properties, and the black aluminum fence New Haven is one of them. This is a popular selling color with an aluminum fence because of so many reasons like optimum privacy and easy maintenance. This fencing type can be installed quickly because of its shorter production when compared to other colors. The popularity of a black aluminum fence is rapidly increasing, that you should also consider this for your property.  More…

Custom Ornamental Iron Fencing New Haven CT

Custom Ornamental Iron Fencing New Haven CT

For those who are looking for additional curb and appeal for their property, our fence company New Haven CT highly recommend the custom ornamental iron fence This is commonly called as the wrought iron fence. With this fence type, our company is only using the highest quality of iron to guarantee strength and longevity with our walls. Aside from enjoying the high level of security that you require for a fence, our ornamental iron fencing also provides a classic decorative look for your property. Every iron fence that we do is strong, durable, and secure. This is the best option among the different metal fences that are both aesthetically pleasing and relatively free from maintenance. You also get a bug-resistant fence so you can stay safe inside your backyard while enjoying the beautiful days in New Haven.  More…

Wood Fencing New Haven CT

Wood Fencing New Haven CT

As one of the fencing companies CT who earned years of experience with the installation of wood fences. We have followed different HOAs that were strictly implemented by many communities in New Haven, so you can trust us when we say that we can help you realize your fence ideas and still meet the regulatory guidelines. Another promising feature of our wood fence is it is very treatable, and you can choose different colors that will meet your needs. If you want to add a little color to the wood, staining will do a great job with this. The process will allow the visibility of natural grain while adding protection against the weather. To completely cover the natural grain of the wood, painting is highly recommended for you. Aside from that, painting can also achieve the uniform look of the fences in your area while offering a better amount of weather protection compared to staining. More…


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