Custom Ornamental Iron Fencing New Haven CT

Ornamental Iron Fencing

For those who are looking for additional curb and appeal for their property, our fence company New Haven CT highly recommend the custom ornamental iron fence This is commonly called as the wrought iron fence. With this fence type, our company is only using the highest quality of iron to guarantee strength and longevity with our walls. Aside from enjoying the high level of security that you require for a fence, our ornamental iron fencing also provides a classic decorative look for your property.

Every iron fence that we do is strong, durable, and secure. This is the best option among the different metal fences that are both aesthetically pleasing and relatively free from maintenance. You also get a bug-resistant fence so you can stay safe inside your backyard while enjoying the beautiful days in New Haven. Our ornamental iron fence can be expected to last longer compared to other types of fencing. This durable fence is not only great with keeping you and your property safe from external elements, but you also have the freedom to choose your desired designs, shapes, and colors for your fence. Adding value to your home has never been this easy with a custom ornamental iron fence plus various accessories like finials and ornaments.

Even though ornamental iron fences are artistically elegant, they only require low-maintenance, guaranteed durable and long-lasting, and can secure every border of your property. If you want to boost your security against intruders and other trespassers, you can add pointed and spear-shaped finials and spires all around your fence.

We are using an exclusive perma-plus paint powder coating with our iron fences to achieve a more lasting finish when compared to the traditionally painted iron fences. This coating is waterproof, and you can choose various colors like black, bronze, green, brown, neutral brown, and white. Custom colors can also be offered to our clients, so no preference will be missed. If you want to try our custom ornamental iron fence, we can provide you an estimate and immediately start the plan for your fence project.


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