1. Do I need to inform my neighbor about my plan to install a new fence?

Yes, you need to inform them beforehand so they can make necessary adjustments as well. They can secure their pets that may interfere with the work or remove any items that may block the area where your fence will be installed. There are other reasons why you should inform your neighbor about your plan, so make sure to never miss this part.

2. Is there a needed fence permit or HOA approval for my new fence?

Most of the time, a fence permit is needed before we can start with the project. You can check with your local municipality about this one to be sure. For HOA, we also recommend our client to review their HOA guidelines because they may be implementing strict guidelines when it comes to the height and color of the fences in your community.

3. Do you offer a warranty for my new fence?

Of course, we do! We provide a warranty for our fences. This is our commitment to quality and customer service to our clients. We offer a document that will be mailed to our clients, and it will include the warranties that they can enjoy after the installation has been made.

4. What are the essential services that you provide?

Our basic and most popular services are the vinyl fence, wood fence, iron fence, and aluminum fence. If there are other fence types that you need for your project, we also provide custom fencing. Simply talk to us, and we will arrange everything according to your needs.

5. Do you need a deposit before you start working on my fence?

Yes, we typically require a 50% deposit before we begin with any fencing project. For our payment methods, we accept cash, check, Master Card, Visa, and Paypal. We also advise our clients to be kept away from companies that are asking for a 75% deposit before starting with their work and never pay the full amount before the installation.

6. Can you provide me references for your work?

We will be thrilled to show you some of the previous projects that we have done for both residential and commercial properties. If you want to talk to our past clients, we can provide you their contact details so you can ask them about their experiences working with our company.


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